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3C Kushushima is another phenomenally strong strain from the 3C OG Kush line. Named after the infamous nuclear site, 3C Kushushima is atomically potent! Although its genetics remain somewhat mysterious, it is said that this strain began as a cut of the original OG Kush, and at some point along its journey it was blessed by a Rabbi. This kosher cut progressed in potency and infamy, becoming one of the most sought-after indica stains in California. This strain’s flavor and scent are sweeter than most OG’s giving it a delicious sugar pine smoke. Upon first inhale, the effect starts with a deep relaxing feel behind the eyes—progressing into a peaceful state that permeates the whole body. 3C Kushushima OG is excellent for pain relief, relaxation, and relieving anxiety.

More Details

Originated from the Josh D Cut.

Named after the nuclear disaster in Japan that suffered from a 9.0 earthquake & tsunami.

Very nice head high, long lasting. A favorite. Great for insomnia and high tolerances.