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For those who love a deep-tissue, all encompassing, sedative experience when medicating, 3C Enoch OG is perfect for you. Another member of the reputable 3C OG Kush line, 3C Enoch OG derives its namesake from the biblical figure, Enoch, who allegedly lived for almost 400 years. This incredibly strong indica is a cut of the original OG Kush—from which all other OG’s derive from. These pure genetics gift this strain with deeply therapeutic pain-relieving qualities. The nose and pallet are greeted with a deep diesel pine flavor that softly wraps your senses as a pre-cursor to the relaxation you are about to experience. This indica is excellent for insomnia, pain relief, as well as any condition that can benefit from 3C Enoch’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

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Enoch was a biblical figure also known as the man who walked with God.

Straight hardcore OG.