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Created in 2013 by Terraform Genetics who crossed Conspiracy Kush and Blue Dream, Blucifer is a blue-ish purple sativa strain that radiates with the smell of blueberries and cream with a spicy finish. These frosty buds are meant to leave you feeling productive and motivated, making it a perfect choice for inspiring that long-overdue nature walk. Blucifer works well in indoor gardens with minimal direct sunlight, and it should finish flowering in 55 to 60 days.

Dispensary Description

Sativa-lovers and hybrid-lovers alike thank your lucky stars, Terraform Genetics and 3C Farms have masterfully crafted a timeless strain by the name of Blucifer. This stunner is a perfectly balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid of Blue Dream and 3C Majestic 12. The scent is floral and clear with hints of blueberry and musk. The cholas have a highly unique color striation. At first glance the eye is overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of white trichomes sugaring the buds and upon closer inspection, the intricacies of color sink in. The calyxes are striped with violet, pale minty green, and deep purple. Simply brushing against one of these flowers will coat your fingertips with a layer of charas. The flavor is complex, the initial taste is more indicative of the sativa genetics—with clear floral notes, however as the smoke sets in more musky, earthy flavors come forward. Blucifer provides an uplifting, clear-headed, and relaxed experience—The perfect balance of heavy sativa genetics with a light indica influence, gives this strain an exceptionally clear mindset with moderate-to-minimal body effects depending on the indica-tolerance of the smoker. This unique combination makes this Sativa-dominant hybrid excellent for medicating during any time of day and for a wide-variety of ailments. Blucifer isn’t a strain thats easily forgotten.

More Details

Conspiracy Kush x Blue Dream

A statue at the Denver Airport that represents the wild spirit of the old west.

Just a perfect balance of body high. If you like Blue Dream, you’ll like this.