The Place

Coast to Coast Cannabis

At Coast to Coast Cannabis, we are all about the flower and the passion of growing it.

Coast to Coast Cannabis is located in Canoga Park, California. The sales floor has a clean display of the offered strains, and other products from top pot-brands around. C2C features products from the 10 grow rooms, which produce over 30 different strains from 3C Farms, rotating daily. Each day of the week, the shop features a special promotion for their patients. The hallway leading to the shop floor features a “show-grow”; a long observance window into one of their active grow rooms.

The Plants

3c Farms

All the strains you find at Coast to Coast Cannabis are exclusive 3C genetics of unparalleled potency, grown to perfection by our expert team of cultivators at 3C Farms.

3C Farms is home to some of the most high-quality cannabis on the market. We produce our flowers using industry standard hydroponic techniques, often hybridizing our own unique strains from exotic genetics.

The People

Bryan and Corey Schwartz

Bryan and Corey Schwartz have been mastering the art of the grow for years now, and their dedication, precision and passion are reflected in the product harvested. 3C earned its name from its birth at Coast to Coast Cannabis (CCC) in Canoga Park, and later, the second leg of the operation at Cannabal City. Both locations harbor a myriad of grow-rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and passionate team members devoted to producing an unparalleled level of cannabis.

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